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Rivernue.com is the premier B2B marketplace connecting European manufacturers and suppliers of furniture* with buyers.


*main category right now... Stay tuned!
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Advanced Search

we make it easy to find the products and items you need with our advanced search feature. Not only can you search for specific products, but our search algorithm will also suggest alternative options for you to consider.

No Middlemen

We eliminate the middlemen and make the buying process more efficient by connecting buyers directly with sellers on our platform. This means that there are no retailers or brokers involved in the sales process.


Our Request for Quote feature allows you to clearly specify your needs and preferences. Once your request is submitted, sellers of the platform will then respond with tailored proposals that meet your specific requirements.

Feature Coming Soon


Who are we?

Rivernue.com is a leading European B2B marketplace that connects businesses all over Europe. We provide a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and create sustainable trade opportunities. Our platform offers a wide range of services and tools that help businesses efficiently and cost-effectively transact with one another. We are committed to fostering closer relationships within the continent, promoting sustainable trade and acting ethically, legally and sustainably to contribute to local economies and a better future for all.

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Trusted Sellers

VAT is Obligated

In order to register on our platform, we require that you provide your company name and VAT ID. This information is verified through our connection to VIES, which is a European Union system that verifies the validity of VAT IDs. We take the security of our platform and our users' information very seriously, which is why we have implemented this measure to ensure that all registered companies are legitimate. This helps us maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure that all transactions are conducted in a safe and secure environment.


We are featured

Rivernue.com has been featured in various European media outlets, highlighting the unique offerings of our sellers and their products on our platform. We enjoy engaging with the media to spread awareness of our platform and the opportunities it provides for businesses to connect and showcase their products.


Clients' Testimonials

As a small business owner, I was looking for a way to expand my product offerings and reach new customers. Rivernue.com provided me with the perfect solution. The platform is user-friendly and the variety of products available is impressive. I have been able to increase my sales and reach a wider audience thanks to Rivernue.com. I highly recommend it to any business looking to grow.

Alexandra Johansson Business Owner, Sweden

I was looking for a new supplier for my business and stumbled upon Rivernue.com. I was impressed with the variety of products and the ease of use of the platform. I was able to find a new supplier within minutes and the transaction process was smooth and secure. I will definitely be using Rivernue.com for all my future purchasing needs.

Adam Berg Business Owner, Sweden

I was in need of a new supplier for my business, and Rivernue.com exceeded all my expectations. The platform offers a wide variety of products, and I was able to find a supplier that met my specific needs. The process of connecting with the supplier and placing an order was seamless, and I appreciate the added security measures in place. I will definitely be using Rivernue.com for all my future purchasing needs.

Klara Appfel Business Owner, Sweden

Rivernue.com is the best B2B marketplace I've used. The platform is easy to navigate and the products offered are of high quality. I've been able to find new suppliers for my business and the transaction process is quick and secure. I highly recommend Rivernue.com to any business looking to expand their product offerings.

Theo Rosenqvist Business Owner, Sweden

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